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Look out

Last spring was a blur.

We took four international trips (Ireland, Spain, France, Thailand) in just six weeks. I had a graduating senior with all of the calendar swirl that comes with the last semester of high school. All on … More

How to Repair a Fractured Work Relationship & Find a Healthier Way to Work Together

It’s 2:22 am.

You are lying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking through (no – dreading through) the meeting your team has tomorrow with your office nemesis.  You know it’s going to be bumpy, and you are hoping to … More

Want A Better Meeting? Try These Questions

We’ve all been there – sitting through a meeting that feels like a long road to nowhere. Or worse, a meeting where the destination is clearly wrong but no one is saying so. We feel your pain. Escaping meeting purgatory … More

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